20 Feb 2017

GSMFlasher FRP Tool Pro cracked CrackingGSM Team

Hi Friends,
Its time to upload new crack of GSM Flasher FRP tool pro. It is good and paid software but I want to make it free for all. So here we go,

Too much people are saying that it is fake that why I also uploaded a Video on Youtube. YouTube link is Given below.

  1. Download Setup from Given Link
  2. Run software click on any function.
  3. It will ask for key. Key is given below.

Thanks RAHUL BHUTANI bro for supporting me.


CrackingGSM Team

18 Feb 2017

Infinity Samsung Module v0.70 Cracked (Bug fixed)

Hi Friends,
Hope you all are using old cracks released by CrackingGSM Team. So, our next release is Infinity Samsung Module. It is not well protected by Infinity Team and It is working same as Odin nothing new there that's why I decided to release it for every single visitor of our blog.

How to use Loader

There is no rocked science in downloading and using this loader. All links are given below.
  1. First of all download and install Infinity SM module setup from given link.
  2. Download the loader and paste it into C:\InfinityBox\SM\
  3. Double click on Loader Infinity SM.exe 
  4. Then click on Rock the Loader and a new window will open. 

Download Links :

Download Loader Setup Download

PS : This program is cracked by Psycho GSM Destroyer. He is busy in his business that's why I posted it.

CrackingGSM Team

14 Feb 2017

How to install ComPort library in Delphi 7

Hello Friends,
This tutorial is about installing comports in Delphi 7. Actually this idea come to mind when I am creating a application for MTK FRP. So it is pretty easy to install comports in Delphi and start sending commands over serial ports. Delphi is very interesting for creating GUI applications and comports are so useful for Delphi.

Here we go, First of all we have to download the Comport Library file for Delphi 7. Download link is given below :
  • After downloading above file extract it in a folder and rename it to Comport.
  • Now open Delphi and Goto Tools -> Environment Option
  • After clicking on Environment option, A new window will open on that click on Library tab.
  • Click on browse button of Library path then a new window will open. On that window click on (...) three dot button and select your Comport folder that created on first step
  • After selecting directory. click on OK close all window. Goto File - Close All and then goto File - Open. and browse your comport folder and select CPortLib7.dpk file as shown in picture.

  • On Next window click on Compile and Install, Now again Goto File - Close All then again goto File - Open and browse for DsgnCport7.dpk from Comport Folder
  • Again click on Compile and Install. That's all Comport Library is installed in your PC. Now you check it in Toolbar option as shown in picture.

Now you can use it very simply. Just drag it in your form and enjoy using it.
Hope this helps you.

PS : Images are copied from internet with full respect of its owner

CrackingGSM Team

4 Feb 2017

How to create a console application in Delphi

Hello friends,
After a long time I decided to write a post about "Creating a console application in Delphi". Actually some time we don't want a GUI for an application that time we use many compiler that can compile console application, Delphi is one of them. I am using Delphi 7 for this but you may use any version of Delphi.

Creating application in Delphi is quite easy for me, that's why I choose Delphi. Firstly we need to understand two console commands for Delphi. These commands are use with console application only.

WriteLn : It displays a message, followed by an end-of-line code that positions the text cursor at the beginning of the next line.

ReadLn : It is used for reading text from console application.

Now, We will take an example for it. So here we go.

First of all we will open Delphi 7. Now, Go to File, New and click on Other... after clicking a new window will be appeared on that window Select Console Application and click on OK.

On clicking Console Application, A new window will be appeared, that is our IDE. Now, We will write our code in it. So let me write the code first.

Here, I written a small code that will add to numbers. It is an simple Console Application.

Now, let me explain the code, at first I used two variables. First one is Digit1, It is an integer. Second is Digit2 It is also used as an integer. In main codes, I wrote "ReadLn(Digit1)". It read an integer value from user same the second line read 2nd Digit from user. On 3rd line I wrote "WriteLn(Digit1  Digit2)", Its add two numbers that stored in Digit1 and Digit2 integer and write it to console. At the end I wrote "ReadLn" without any variable. It is just for break its behave same like "pause>nul" in Batch Files. 

So it is an simple example of Delphi Console applications. Hope you may create many apps in Delphi and will develop your programming skills. If you have any problems & questions regarding programming in Delphi, just comment below. I will answer them. 

CrackingGSM Team

31 Jan 2017

SPD Diag Reset Tool (CrackingGSM Team)

Hi friends,
Its time to release our new tool "SPD Diag Reset Tool" for public. It is already released on my Facebook timeline, but i decided to make it usable for everyone. It is specially for old SPD smartphones like SPD8810. SPD6820 and many more. We all knows that some SPD phones are not support with any box till now and that time we are really frustrated that time you can use this tool.

How to use 

  1. Turn on your phone and it to connect to PC.
  2. Install all necessary drivers. Make sure that you have installed SCI General U2S(AT) driver.
  3. After all driver installed click on Reset Phone, and your phone will be start erasing userdata partition and Later it will restart.

CAUTION : This tool may not work with newer SPD phones and some old too. If it not work it means your phone is not supporting factory reset through Diag Port.

Password : crackinggsm.co.in

Thanks for being visitor of my blog, 
CrackingGSM Team

12 Jan 2017

Furious Gold QCOM SMART TOOL v10010317 Cracked

Hi friends,
Sorry, I have posted a Loader of QCOM Smart Tool with HWID. I found there is so many peoples who has problem with loader so I decided to post the Loader without HWID. Now everyone can use it without any hwid or money. Hopefully it will help everyone. It is gift from me to everyone who support me and follow me. 

Furious Gold Qualcomm module is best for Qualcomm based smart phone. It is the which can unlock Qualcomm smartphone and remove frp from it. It take 2-3 hours to crack it because there is Themida VM protection system. I love to devirtualize VM system of Themida, Enigma, and VMPROTECT. It is not so easy to devirtualize it, You have to learn virtualization system of software packer.

Setup : Download Link
Loader : Download Link

CrackingGSM Team

28 Dec 2016

Samsung FRP Helper v0.2 by CrackingGSM Team (Updated)

Hello Friends,
After long time I had decided to release a new version of "Samsung FRP Helper Tool" as you all know previews version of this tool is useful for some peoples. In new tool I had added some new features in it. Hope it will work on every samsung phone. If you wan't to use its ADB feature you have to flash your phone with Combination firmware. After flashing with combination firmware the ADB will on automatically and you can use this tool more easily.

Have a look what this tool can do.
  1. Bypass almost every FRP protection by ADB. (Need combination firmware).
  2. This tool has 2 methods to bypass FRP (a) Calling Method (Real Term Method) and (b) ADB Method.
  3. Easy to use. User friendly GUI.
  4. Auto detect ADB device when phone connected to PC.
  5. It can read phone info (Not fully, My focus on removing FRP)
How to use(ADB Mode):
  1. Download a combination firmware for your phone.
  2. Flash it through Odin.
  3. Turn on mobile and connect to PC.
  4. Click on ADB Method tab.
  5. Click on Remove FRP button and FRP should gone.
How to use(Calling Method):
     I am not gonna tell this method, because I know everyone know the method of real term. If you wan't to learn this method just Google it. You will find great things.

Post some feedback and Test report about this tool in  this section. It will encourage us to do more.

This may not work on some models. So please report it in comment section. We have tested it on some models and found it working. just try it and send some feedback. We are waiting for your response.

CrackingGSM Team