About Me


Hi. I am Gautam Kumar. Student of class 12th (Math). A cracker from heart. I have knowledge about some programming languages like MASM, C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic etc. love to crack softwares, unpack tools that packed. keygenning some programs, bypassing hwid's etc. cracked lot of GSM programs.

There is some more peoples in my team. Akash Gupta is one of them. He learned cracking and join me. He is also a Good reverser as me :P 

Cracking history:

1.    Firstly I had cracked Piranha 1.48 you can check it. There is my name on title. something like "Cracked by Gautam" etc.
2.    I had cracked octoplus samsung 1.6.5 that's all of you are using till now. You can check there is also my name "Cracked by Gautam"
3.    NCK Samsung 0.7.2 that all of you are using is also cracked by me.
4.    ATF v8.90 is too cracked by me.
5.    Miracle Box 2.14 is too cracked by me.
Some cracks are silently cracked by me. :P, I can't tell you the name of softwares.

What I am doing now?

Currently I am working on some mobile repairing softwares. I am also busy in my studies so I don't have such time to write some good tutorial. maybe in future I will post some helping guides that will helpful to all.

Hope Akash will maintain it. I will back soon. 


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  2. My respect to Gautam the greatest GSM hacker of the 21st century....!

  3. hi. i need for ur help, i hv a software protection by enigma, can you unpack that for me ?

    1. Yes! I can.
      But if there is any VM inside the target that cannot be devirtualized so firstly check it out.

    2. ok thank you for your kindness, i will send that file to you, where do I send the file?

    3. i have sent it, thank you for ur help.

  4. Keep cracking we all support you.xD

  5. nice Introduction and good information About your team good team keep up !!!