12 Jan 2017

Furious Gold QCOM SMART TOOL v10010317 Cracked

Hi friends,
Sorry, I have posted a Loader of QCOM Smart Tool with HWID. I found there is so many peoples who has problem with loader so I decided to post the Loader without HWID. Now everyone can use it without any hwid or money. Hopefully it will help everyone. It is gift from me to everyone who support me and follow me. 

Furious Gold Qualcomm module is best for Qualcomm based smart phone. It is the which can unlock Qualcomm smartphone and remove frp from it. It take 2-3 hours to crack it because there is Themida VM protection system. I love to devirtualize VM system of Themida, Enigma, and VMPROTECT. It is not so easy to devirtualize it, You have to learn virtualization system of software packer.

Setup : Download Link
Loader : Download Link

CrackingGSM Team