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EFT Dongle is a brand new dongle from Easy Firmware Team. Many of us already know that its previous version Easy Translate Tool was an amazing tool for translating any stock ROM into any language. So, team has decided to release a dongle with full support the feature of previous version and also some World's first things.

Features :

There are some amazing feature boxed in this dongle and also the Easy Firmware Team working on many features to add. Some of them are listed below.
  • Translate & Add any language to any android devices. Like Hindi, Arabic, Russian, French etc. This feature made it unique. 
  • Fix Samsung root reboot.
  • One click remove Secure Storage.
  • One click fix Contacts in Samsung 7.xx or 6.xx
  • One click fix Samsung Hotspot.
  • Reset Samsung Screen Lock in sideload mode.
  • Extract stock rom's. (system.img, system.tar etc. extract)
  • Advanced root explorer.
  • Recompile and Decompile jar file (Only for developers)
  • Edit stock rom without root.
  • Make kernel wipe pattern (I will tell you about this feature later)
  • Translate device from custom recovery.
  • Flashing supported (Moto Devices, All Qualcomm Devices in EDL Mode)
  • LG Reset FRP and Screen Lock in Download Mode.
  • And many more
These features are just amazing and World's first. It is very important for those devices which stock rom does not available. 
Let's discuss on some of It's feature...........

Making Samsung kernel for wiping pattern, system data, enabling adb, removing dm-verify protection.

A mobile technician will know about these things better. While removing pattern from samsung phone it wipe all userdata and sometimes it goes into FRP (Factory Reset Protection) mode and It is painful because We accepted phone for just removing pattern lock and now phone is in FRP mode. The Easy Firmware Team understand the pain created an amazing feature in their tool, called Making kernel. Just select a boot.img file from stock rom of your device and click on "Make kernel remove pattern" it will take a couple of seconds and make a patched boot.img for your device. Just compress it into and tar file and flash it through Odin flasher, that's all mobile's pattern will gone without any risk and all files in phone will remain. The team released some videos about these features, I attached below.

Test Reports from Users:

There are a lot of persons who are using this dongle. I found so many test reports by users on easy-firmware team's forum. I am too lazy to download images and attach them to my post, So here I am posting the link of EFT-Team's official forum. where you can see the power of their work.


There are a lot's of things could be added into EFT-Dongle. Team is still working on too many features. There is two updates available for dongle at now. Dongle is only 1 or 2 months old so there is still some users who have doubt on it, So I would like to tell them. You may check their website, forum and also you can contact them. They are doing great job, they working day and night just for their users to provide them world's first thing. If you will ask my views on this dongle, I will say its great just go and buy it. 

Hopefully you will like this article. It is second time I am reviewing any dongle. I will definitely help those people who are planning to buy this dongle. Please share your views on it in comment box

PS : Good news for crack users, I will release a new crack in next month. 

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