Infinity Box Plateform Detector (PDT) (Review And Analysis)

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Today we gonna talk about a new tool from Infinity Box team named Infinity Box plateform detector(PDT). This is a new simple tool that provide us information about phones. Basically it detects phones processor. We all know that many new Chinese phones are coming in the market some phones are MTK some are SPD some are RDA and Qualcomm. So the tool handle it easily just plug your phone with pressing volume up and down button and it will detect automatically the processor of the phone. It is very useful for mobile technicians like me, Actually I don't like to search on Google and get information about phone I want to do all things offline. This tool helped me a lot in these few days. 

Let me tell you a story, Yesterday a mobile phone locked with pattern came to my shop, customer told me that he forgot his pattern lock last night after changing his pattern. So I told him that I will charge ₹150 for unlocking, he agreed. When I tried to connect the phone with my computer it not detected with my computer. I told to customer that the Charging connector must be damage it is not detecting with my computer ,he told that phone is taking charging so he doesn't wanna change the connector, I told him to come back in 1 hours. Now, I opened the phone and solder 4 wires of a USB cable and tried to connect with my pc and tried to connect Miracle Box software. I tried SPD plateform and MTK too It doesn't detecting with both of them. It made me frustrated. So, I thought it might be another processor but I don't know which one. I have downloaded this great tool last night. So, I give it a try. I run this tool and connect my phone with my computer, Bingo!! Phone detected with it and It is RDA cpu. Now, I formatted it with Miracle Box and the pattern lock goes out. Actually I can't even imagine that the phone has RDA CPU, but it is. So, it saves my time to finding the CPU.

Hope it will help you too to find plateform of phones. Never forget to say thanks to Infinity Box team. They are making phone repairing easier.

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