31 Mar 2016

Reversing for Newbies

Reversing for Newbies

Hello guys I am back with bang new tutorial many of you don't know the basics of cracking so start from here its a complete tutorial set for you get it here. Attached all level you must start from 01.

01. Olly + assembler + patching a basic reverseme
02. Keyfiling the reverseme + assembler
03. Basic nag removal + header problems
04. Basic + aesthetic patching
05. Comparing on changes in cond jumps, animate over/in, breakpoints
06. "The plain stupid patching method", searching for textstrings
07. Intermediate level patching, Kanal in PEiD
08. Debugging with W32Dasm, RVA, VA and offset, using LordPE as a hexeditor
09. Explaining the Visual Basic concept, introduction to SmartCheck and configuration
10. Continued reversing techniques in VB, use of decompilers and a basic anti-anti-trick
11. Intermediate patching using Olly's "pane window"
12. Guiding a program by multiple patching.
13. The use of API's in software, avoiding doublechecking tricks
14. More difficult schemes and an introduction to inline patching
15. How to study behaviour in the code, continued inlining using a pointer
16. Reversing using resources
17. Insights and practice in basic (self)keygenning
18. Diversion code, encryption/decryption, selfmodifying code and polymorphism
19. Debugger detected and anti-anti-techniques
20. Packers and protectors : an introduction
21. Imports rebuilding
22. API Redirection
23. Stolen bytes
24. Patching at runtime using loaders from lena151 original
25. Continued patching at runtime & unpacking armadillo standard protection
26. Machine specific loaders, unpacking & debugging armadillo
27. tElock + advanced patching
28. Bypassing & killing server checks
29. Killing & inlining a more difficult server check
30. SFX, Run Trace & more advanced string searching
31. Delphi in Olly & DeDe
32. Author tricks, HIEW & approaches in inline patching
33. The FPU, integrity checks & loader versus patcher
34. Reversing techniques in packed software & a S&R loader for ASProtect
35. Inlining inside polymorphic code
36. Keygenning
37. In-depth unpacking & anti-anti-debugging a combination packer / protector
38. Unpacking continued & debugger detection by DLL's and TLS
39. Inlining a blowfish scheme in a packed & CRC protected dll + unpacking Asprotect SKE 2.2
40. Obfuscation and algorithm hiding


13 Mar 2016

Enigma Protector 1.90 - 3.xx Alternativ Unpacker

Enigma Protector 1.90 - 3.xx Alternativ Unpacker


This is the best script for unpacking enigma targets. It is very fast for unpacking them.
Link have also some video try to watch them
Features :

( 1.) Unpacking of ENIGMA 1.90 - 3.90+
( 2.) RegSheme Bypass & HWID Changer
( 3.) Enigma CheckUp Killer
( 4.) VirtualMemory Dumper 1.90 - 3.x+ & SC Fixer M1
( 5.) UIF Tool Necessary Sometimes!
( 6.) Enigma Intern Export & VM Scan + Log
( 7.) Improved Import Emulation Fixer
( 8.) Supports Exe & Dll Files [dll at EP!]

And if you have some knowledge you can use it to unpack letest version too.

If you facing problem in unpacking by script try How to unpack it Manual

Here is link for script

Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.4

Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.4

This is most important script to unpack an Themida or Win License target.
This script is written by LCF-AT and Its working on all themida win license. Download link is below in the post. It have also some video watch them and start Destroying the GSM :P

If you got any problem just comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem.

If it will ask for password input password : tuts4you

Its Great I love it. You will also love it.

Download Here

Psycho GSM Destroyer

5 Mar 2016

RunAsDate v1.30 - Run a program with the specified date/time

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn't change the current system date and time of your computer, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application.
You can run multiple applications simultaneously, each application works with different date and time, while the real date/time of your system continues to run normally.

How does it work ?

RunAsDate intercepts the kernel API calls that returns the current date and time (GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime), and replaces the current date/time with the date/time that you specify.

System Requirements

RunAsDate works under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Older versions of Windows are not supported. There is also x64 version available in a separated download, for using with x64 applications.

Important Notice !!
I get many email messages that say something like "I tried to extend the trial period of xyz software with RunAsDate and it didn't work". Running a software with different date/time can be used for many legitimate purposes and for these purposes RunAsDate was created. I have never said implicitly or explicitly that RunAsDate can be used for extending the trial period of a software. For some shareware programs, RunAsDate might really work, but many shareware creators are smart enough to detect that the date/time was modified and when they detect the time change, they end the trial period immediately.

Download NOW

1 Mar 2016

NsPro 6.8.1 Cracked DOWNLOAD

Hello guys.
I am back again with bang new crack NsPro 6.8.1 so it have many features so have a look.
Added Imei Certificate write for several models. Added G130U, G316ML, G386T1, G360H, G361, G800A, E7000, T113, T116, T531, T533, T535, T537, T560, T561. Is Highly Recommended to use latest NsPro Version.

Download Setup
Download Loader

If you guys having problem in downloading this have a look at here.

Psycho GSM Destroyer