28 Feb 2016

Unpacking Enigma 1.xx to 3.xx Manual

Hello Guys. What's going on.
So let come to the point I am created a video tutorial about unpacking enigma protector 1.xx to 3.xx with manual you can use a Nice script by L.C.F AT

What I done:
1. Bypass the HWID
    As we know enigma is using a HWID system but we can bypass it easily by simple flag changing.

2. FIX imports patch
    Enigma is protecting all imports so I made a patch for pass it out.

3. Fix VM imports
    Enigma is add some imports to it's VM so I made a ASM to pass it out.

4. Dump
    Dumping it by imp rec

5. Fix IAT by Imp Rec

So here is link of Video tutorial hope you all will like it. If you are facing any problem please comment below.


Psycho GSM Destroyer

19 Feb 2016

Z3X Samsung 24.3 Fully Cracked

I am going to give you all Z3X 24.3 crack just put you HWID in Comment section.


Password : @Loader
New phones added:

- support SM-T530 (Flashing, Read/Write/Reset EFS, reboot to download/recovery, Reset FRP/EE)
- support SM-T530NU (Flashing, Read/Write/Reset EFS, reboot to download/recovery, Reset FRP/EE)
- support SM-T533 (Flashing, Read/Write/Reset EFS, reboot to download/recovery, Reset FRP/EE)
- support SM-T335K (Flashing, Direct Unlock, Read/Write/Reset EFS, Read/Write QCN, Read/Write SEC, Write CERT, reset MSL, wipe NVM, Activate diag, reboot to download/recovery)
- support SM-T335L (Flashing, Direct Unlock, Read/Write/Reset EFS, Read/Write QCN, Read/Write SEC, Write CERT, reset MSL, wipe NVM, Activate diag, reboot to download/recovery)


- New algo for unlock/read codes/repair old qulacomm based phones like:
SGH-I450 SGH-I455 SGH-I455L SGH-I458 SGH-I520 SGH-I550 SGH-I560 SGH-I600 SGH-I601 SGH-I607 SGH-I608 SGH-I617 SGH-I620 SGH-I640 SGH-I780 SGH-I900 SGH-G810 GT-B6520 GT-B7300 GT-B7320 GT-B7330 GT-B7510 GT-B7610 GT-B7620 GT-I5500 GT-I5503 GT-I5508 GT-I5510 GT-I5700 GT-I5800 GT-I6410 GT-I7500 GT-I8000 GT-I8330 GT-I8510 GT-I8520 GT-I8910

- wipe NVM in flash mode

* Fixed some flashing android (ODIN) bugs
* Fixed reset FRP/EE locks in some phones

* Some small bugs fixed

PS : For keygen Visit here:

15 Feb 2016

Ollydbg 9 in 1

Ollydbg 9 in 1

If someone got problem in using OG ollydbg try this ollydbg 9in1 for me its the best I am personally use this for cracking and unpacking.  Just download it from the link below and use same configuration like original ollydbg and try this it is the best.
It best for debugging themida protected application.
If it will ask for a password please put password : tuts4you

Have a try
Psycho GSM Destroyer

13 Feb 2016

EXEInfo PE Letest Version

ExEinfo PE - A simple utility that shows comprehensive information about an exe file
If you need to view information about various EXE files, ExEinfo PE is a small toll that does exactly that. It can analyze EXE files and acquires detailed information about their properties, offering you the possibility to save overlays and create backups.

The application is portable so you don’t need to install it, plus your Windows registry will remain unchanged.

The simple interface has a plain window where you can drag and drop an EXE or DLL file, or load it via the built-in file browser. Then the application will display the file size, file offset, entry point, linker information, EP section, sub-system and overlay. Furthermore, you can also insert HEX data to analyze BIN information.

A section viewer can be opened, where users can see every virtual offset and size, flags, name, RAW data offset and size, first bytes and section status. Header information is also available such as security, debug, exception, T:S table, size of headers, number of directories and so on.

Download Now

12 Feb 2016

Resource Hacker

Resource Hacker has been designed to be the complete resource editing tool: compiling, viewing, decompiling and recompiling resources for both 32bit and 64bit Windows executables. Resource Hacker can open any type of Windows executable (*.exe; *.dll; *.scr; *.mui etc) so that individual resources can be added modified or deleted within these files. Resource Hacker can create and compile resource script files (*.rc), and edit resource files (*.res) too.


TUTORIAL 1 : Modify a manifest resource to fix blurred text when scaling for high resolution displays (4.5Mb AVI file).

HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor

HxD is a carefully designed and fast hex editor which, additionally to raw disk editing and modifying of main memory (RAM), handles files of any size.

The easy to use interface offers features such as searching and replacing, exporting, checksums/digests, insertion of byte patterns, a file shredder, concatenation or splitting of files, statistics and much more.

Editing works like in a text editor with a focus on a simple and task-oriented operation, as such functions were streamlined to hide differences that are purely technical.
For example, drives and memory are presented similar to a file and are shown as a whole, in contrast to a sector/region-limited view that cuts off data which potentially belongs together. Drives and memory can be edited the same way as a regular file including support for undo. In addition memory-sections define a foldable region and inaccessible sections are hidden by default.

Furthermore a lot of effort was put into making operations fast and efficient, instead of forcing you to use specialized functions for technical reasons or arbitrarily limiting file sizes. This includes a responsive interface and progress indicators for lengthy operations.


10 Feb 2016

LordPE for PE Rebuilding

LordPE for PE Rebuilding
Comprehensive PE editor for expert users, featuring a task viewer, dump exports, PE comparison, a file location calculator, break and enter, and PE rebuilder, among others

LordPE is an advanced application for PC technicians, programmers and other expert users, which facilitates tools for manipulating various parts of PE files. It features a PE editor, a breaking and entering function, PE rebuilder, unsplitter, and dumper server.

Before proceeding any further, you should know that it hasn't been updated for a really long time, so you might experience issues with certain PE files or later Windows versions.

Portable app with a user-friendly interface

LordPE is packed in a portable package, so you can save its files anywhere on the hard disk or on a USB flash drive, in order to directly run the program on any computer with minimum effort. Its main window has a neatly organized layout and contains a lot of options in the right-click menu.

View and dump information about processes

Once started, the application automatically identifies and displays currently running processes, showing the process ID and image base and size for each entry. Clicking an item from the list reveals other processes which depend on it.
It's possible to dump full information about processes to file. Alternatively, you can select a specific address and size, or dump multiple selected regions. There are two dumping engines available, LordPE and IntelliDump, so you can choose the preferred one. Moreover, the utility can be asked to automatically correct image sizes or burn processes.

Edit and compare PE files using rich tools

The PE editor lets you modify a process' entry point, image base and size, code and data base, section and file alignment, subsystem, number of sections, time and date stamp, header size, characteristics, checksum, and optional header size.
You can view the section table and edit the headers' hexadecimal code, save and load sections from disk, add or remove them, truncate at the start or end of a section, split and unsplit headers, as well as examine a table with the section headers.
It's possible to modify directory information, such as export and import table, resource, exception, security, relocation, debug, copyright, and COM. LordPE also puts at your disposal a file location calculator, an encoder and decoder for time and date stamps, along with a comparison feature for EXE, DLL and DMP-formatted files.
Furthermore, the app lets you break EXE or DLL files at the entry point, rebuild the PE structure of EXE, DLL and DMP files, unsplit INI files, or attempt to connect to the dumper server.
When it comes to program configuration, you can make the frame stay on top of other windows, register a shell extension for breaking and entering, disable PE validation, the rebuilding of import tables and wipe relocation, delete temporary files for the PE editor, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

It didn't put a strain on computer performance in my tests, using low CPU and RAM. Generally, tasks were carried out pretty fast. However, it popped up errors when attempting to break and enter various files in our case, and failed to connect to the dumper server, which is expected from such an old app. Otherwise, LordPE comes loaded with rich options for editing PE files.


9 Feb 2016

Piranha Box 1.48 Cracking Tutorial

Hello again.
Today is very happy day for me. That's why i am gonna update the links here is link without password now everybody can download this tutorial and learn how to Destroy the GSM :p just kidding.
Have a look at this video.
Hope this helpful and a fumble request to all of you pray for me.
Coming Soon How to Crack 4SE 2.0.4
Have Fun Guys
Tutorial Link
Psycho GSM Destroyer

Useful Plugin for OllyDbg

Useful Plugin for OllyDbg
Today I am gonna give you all some plugin for Ollydbg. Plugin are so important. here is list of plugin and Its uses

IDA Ficator : This plugin tries to make the life of OllyDBGĂ‚© users easier by bringing to him some fast and frequently used function. And here is the list of features brought by the plugin
- 3 buttons added to the native toolbar: 
+ The go back/forward button. 
+ The Reach beginning/End of procedures button. and finally
+ The search for all text string button.
- Dump and set a HWBP on [ESP].
- 'Universal' stolen code restoring
- Address Informer
- Direct Address Copier

ODBGScript : ODbgScript is a plugin for OllyDbg, which is, in our opinion, the best application-mode debugger out there. One of the best features of this debugger is the plugin architecture which allows users to extend its functionality. ODbgScript is a plugin meant to let you automate OllyDbg by writing scripts in an assembly-like language. Many tasks involve a lot of repetitive work just to get to some point in the debugged application. By using my plugin you can write a script once and for all.

Multiline Ultimate Assembler : Multiline Ultimate Assembler (formerly MUltimate Assembler) is a multiline (and ultimate) assembler (and disassembler) plugin for OllyDbg. It's a perfect tool for modifying and extending a compiled executable functionality, writing code caves, etc.

OllyDump : Dump debuggee process memory and Rebuild IAT.

OllyCopy : Here is a little plugin (formerly called AddrCpy) that I made for OllyDbg v1.10. It enables you to copy only the address of either the selected instruction in the disassembler window, selected line in the stack window or any kind of data (byte, word, dword, etc.) selected in the dump window (this applies to all of the dump windows, not just the one under the disassembler window).

Olly ToolBar Manager : This is the plugin which allows you to add custom buttons on Olly tool bar.

PhantOm : Plug-in for concealment of OllyDbg (plugin with the driver). Helps being detected using the following methods of detection:

StrongOD : Make your OllyDbg Strong! Using this plugin you can hide your olly to being detected from any type of software protector

Hope You will like it.

8 Feb 2016

Scylla for Windows 32bit

This tool is most important for Unpacking
Scylla  Imports Reconstruction is very important for rebuilding Imports table it can dump program and fix its imports. It is the most important tool for unpacking. Any problem using it comment below. Coming Soon Piranha 1.48 Cracking tutorial.

Enigma Registration Bypass 1.xx to 4.xx

This is my method to Bypass enigma protection HWID protection. In tutorial i did simple job just find procedure of hwid test and changed FALSE registration information to TRUE for me It takes to many hours to find this procedure but i am created simple method to bypass it. I hope you will like it.
Here is video Link

How to unpack UPX Packed program

in this tutorial i we will learn about unpacking UPX packed file. this trick is known as esp trick. Its so easy to unpack.

Firstly press F7 or step up then dump esp put bp on 4 bytes of esp then run program. then we will reach at oep dump it and fix its IAT simple. Isn't it?

Hope you will like 

Download link given below 

Click Here

Packers Detector (All In One Set)

When we want to Reverse a target. We have to gain information of target.
  • Packer / Protector Details
  • Compiler Details
  • There is some packer detector on Internet. So I am gonna share some packer detectors.

    Detect It Easy

    It is the best packer detector available on Internet. I personally prefer it to use. It is to easy to use just drag target on in and it will give you full information about your target.   You can add it to your right click menu for instant detection. It have inbuilt some function. 

  • A Decompiler with x86 instructions set
  • Section, Import table and Export table viewer
  • User can add other Protector detail
  • It have own scripting language
  • and lots more....

  • For me it is the best. I suggest all of you try it at least one time.
    Detect It Easy [9.6 MB]

    RDG Package Detector

    RDG Packer Detector is a detector packers, cryptors, Compilers, Packers Scrambler, Joiners, Installers. It is coded by RDGMax. 
    Personally I don't like it. It has not supported by most of protectors and some times it giving wrong information about target.

  • Has Fast detection system.
  • Powerful has detection system analyzing the entire file, enabling detection multi-packers in several cases.
  • Allows create your own signature detection signatures.
  • Has Crypto-Graphic Analyzer.
  • Allows calculate the checksum of a file.
  • Allows calculate Entropy, informing if the analyzed program is compressed, encrypted or not.
  • Detector OEP (Original Entry Point) of a program.
  • Check and download signatures.
  • Loader Plug-ins.

  • RDG Package Detector [2.7 MB]


    ProtectionID is a packer detector used by most of cracker, reverser worldwide. It have also some unique features that's why it famous. It is programmed by CDKiLLER & TippeX. Features :
  • detection of every major PC ISO Game / Application protection.
  • currently covers 543 detections, including win32/64 exe protectors & packers, .net protectors, dongles, licenses & installers
  • sector scanning CDs / DVDs for Copy Protections/li>
  • files / folders can simply be dragged & dropped into pid.
  • strong scanning routines allowing it to detect multiple protections
  • useful additional misc tools included
  • easy scanning via shell context menu
  • working from Win9x to Windows 8
  • fully 32bit & 64bit compliant
  • coded 100% in Win32 assembly language
  • ProtectionID [0.6MB]

    Exeinfo PE

    This is also a good protection detector but unfortunately I didn't try it yet. It have a some good features inbuilt. Because I didn't try it yet so I can't tell you more about it. Just download it an test it.

    Exeinfo PE [1.86MB]

    So It is a small collection of Packers detector. Hope you like it

    Psycho GSM Destroyer

    7 Feb 2016

    Enigma Virtual Box Unpacker

    Hello guys
    I am sharing a tool for unpacking Enigma Virtual Box. It can unpack embed file too.

    Its a super cool application many of cracker add main loader to virtual box and making protect on only executer so with this tool you can dump main loader and run it without any hwid :p

    You can download it from here

    Injecting a MessageBox to any program

    Injecting a MessageBox to any program

    Its my first video tutorial in this tutorial you can learn how to Inject a MessageBox to any program here is link.
    Here is list what I done.
    1. Add a MessageBoxA to Import Table(Here we can also made a export table to get MessageBoxA import)

    2. Add a new section to program some program have CRC check for those type of program you need to bypass the CRC we will talk about it later

    3. Add this code to free section
         Push 40
         Push 'MessageBoxA caption'
         Push 'MessageBoxA content'
         Push 0
         Call MessageBoxA
         Jmp EP

    4. Save Patched Bytes

    5. Change EP of program to Our new EP using LordPE

    Download link is Given Below


    Any query comment below

    IDR Delphi Decompiler

    IDR is Advance Delphi Decompiler it will help you to Decompile Delphi program You can download it from here

    How to download
    1. Download Main Executable file
    2. Auxiliary File
    3. Download All knowledge base file

    Virtual Port(Updated)

    So sometimes we need to create a null comport for make some program work. There is too many tools available on Internet but they are trial version and we hate trial version. So here I am presenting a fully functional virtual comport creator.

    Useful for?

    This tool is useful for some cracked box. Here is list that I have tried.

    • GSM Aladdin 
           When we try to run GSM Aladdin crack into laptop there will raise some error like registry wincode. Bla Bla. So for this we need to create a null comport that can be easily created by this tool.

    • Volcano Box 2.2.9
           We all know that Volcano Box crack need a comport to run specially in laptops. So try this maybe it will help.

    How to Install?

    It is too easy to install. You need to download two programs.
    1. Firstly Download this and install it.
    2. Then Download this Virtual Port tool coded by me :p
    That's all now you are ready to use this tool. Any queries just comment below.

    How to use?

    There is no rocket science to use it. Just select a virtual comport name in combobox and click on Start Port after clicking on Start Port a null comport will created you can check it in device manager. For deleting null comport just click on Stop Port and comport will be removed.

    Hope it will work. If it not work for you then let me know. I will help you to solve that problem.

    Gautam Kumar (GautamGreat)

    Advance Loader Generator

    This also a good Loader Generator. It is best for VMProtect and SafeEngine Shielden.

    I am personally using it. its very easy to use and generate loader correctly hope you will find it useful download link is given below if you have questions about it just comment below.
    For download click here

    How to use Advance Loader Generator

    How to use dUP for Creating Loaders

    In this tutorial we will talk about creating Loaders in Most famous Loader and Patcher Generator dUP
    So here we go
    Firstly we need to find our patching bytes VA address
    In my case here is my VA and bytes
    So here is my OLD and NEW patching bytes

    SO now Open dUP and goto Project>New
    Here you can add some information about your Loader the click on Save
    Then right click on form and goto Add > Offset Patch
    then double click on offset patch
    I am added all thing see here
    Now click on project > Create Loader
    A new window will appear shown in pic below
    click on ok then set path for saving your loader you are all done
    Congrats Loader has been created
    Enjoy ;D
    Psycho GSM Destroyer

    dUP 2.26.1

    Some times we need to make a loader or patcher for our target. There is a great tool available on internet is called dUP (diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher) 
    It have lots of features. It can generate loader and patcher too.

    Features :

    • multiple file patcher  
    • create Offset and Search&Replace patch/loader  
    • compare files (RawOffset and VirtualAddress) with different filesize  
    • text patcher  
    • registry patcher, also for loaders  
    • attach files to patcher  
    • get filepaths from registry  
    • usage of CRC32 and filesize checks  
    • patching packed files  
    • compress patcher with your favorite packer  
    • saving projects  
    • use custom skin in your patcher  
    • add music (Tracker Modules: xm,mod,it,s3m,mtm,umx,v2m,ahx,sid) to patcher  
    • and many more...   

    Cracking MiracleBox 1.83

    In this tutorial i will teach you how to crack MiracleBox 1.83
    1 min i know its very old but it will first crack that you made. :D
    So here we go
    Firstly Load MiracleBox in Your Ollydbg

    Now Press Right click and Search for > All Referenced text strings
    You will find there is Lot of Text

    Now find a Text Ready

    After found Ready Double click on it

    Now you will see a JE 0068E092 Change it to JMP 0069E092

    Again change JE 0068E0F3 to JMP 0069E0F3

    and one Last time Change JNZ 0068F713 to JMP 0068F713

    Now Click on RUN

    Congrats you did your First Crack
    If any problem Comment Below
    PS : Coming soon how to crack Piranha Box V1.48
    Note : This tutorial is only for learning purpose if you use it for illegal. I am not responsible for that
    Pyscho GSM Destroyer

    Ollydbg for Cracking

    Today I will give you a Working ollydbg for cracking and Destroying GSM :p
    Before starting we have to know about ollydbg. I means we have to know what is ollydbg and Its Feature So
    OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft® Windows®. Emphasis on binary code analysis makes it particularly useful in cases where source is unavailable.
    •  Intuitive user interface, no cryptical commands
    •  Code analysis - traces registers, recognizes procedures, loops, API calls, switches, tables, constants and strings
    •  Directly loads and debugs DLLs
    •  Object file scanning - locates routines from object files and libraries
    •  Allows for user-defined labels, comments and function descriptions
    •  Understands debugging information in Borland® format
    •  Saves patches between sessions, writes them back to executable file and updates fixups
    •  Open architecture - many third-party plugins are available
    •  No installation - no trash in registry or system directories
    •  Debugs multithread applications
    •  Attaches to running programs
    •  Configurable disassembler, supports both MASM and IDEAL formats
    •  MMX, 3DNow! and SSE data types and instructions, including Athlon extensions
    •  Full UNICODE support
    •  Dynamically recognizes ASCII and UNICODE strings - also in Delphi format!
    •  Recognizes complex code constructs, like call to jump to procedure
    •  Decodes calls to more than 1900 standard API and 400 C functions
    •  Gives context-sensitive help on API functions from external help file
    •  Sets conditional, logging, memory and hardware breakpoints
    •  Traces program execution, logs arguments of known functions
    •  Shows fixups
    •  Dynamically traces stack frames
    •  Searches for imprecise commands and masked binary sequences
    •  Searches whole allocated memory
    •  Finds references to constant or address range
    •  Examines and modifies memory, sets breakpoints and pauses program on-the-fly
    •  Assembles commands into the shortest binary form
    •  Starts from the floppy disk
     and much more

    You need some plugin to hide your Debugger so here is it.
    Phantom StrongOD
    These are most important. Some time we need extra plugin to make debugging easy you can check Ollydbg Plugin section of this blog.

    After Downloading these Configure it Shown in picture below.

    After configuring like this you have to change Driver name in ollydbg.ini so open ollydbg.ini in notepad and change it like shown in pic

    After configure like this you are all ready to GO and Destroy the GSM :p
    if you face any problem in Configuring your ollydbg post your problem in comment below
    Pyscho GSM Destroyer