1 Nov 2016

Delphi 7 Full With Serial

I am going to start a new section in our blog called "Programming Tools". Here we will post all important and useful programming tools that will help you to improve your programming skills.

Our first tool is Delphi 7.

Delphi is the most famous programming language used by most of GSM Boxes coders. If you have some knowledge about reversing you can check many GSM Boxes are coded in Delphi most of them are coded in Delphi 7.

Me to love to code in Delphi. You can program any type of Crack Loader, Patcher, Flashing Tools, ADB Commander, Fastboot tools in it. It is also Good for those who love to create Batch files. They can convert their console app into fully functional GUI app.

I have already posted some sources in tutorial section (you must check), that will help you to learn more and improve.

Code your first app:

I know you wan't to know "How can you create your first app in Delphi". So let's start.
  • Open Delphi 7 from start menu.
  • Add a button control from upper menu.
  • Add a Label control.
  • Double click on Button and type
label1.caption := 'Hello,World!';

Congrats you have created your first app Enjoy (y)


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