How to use Advance Loader Generator

I received so many messages E-mail about "How to use Advance Loader Generator". So here I am for giving a wonderful tutorial about using it.

Details :

I maked some rectangles over options and given them name 1,2,3..7 etc. Now here is meaning of them.

1 : This option is used to select target file. It is a mandatory option every time we try to make a loader it must be selected.

2: Process finder. This option is for pro users. It is the method to find target with three different methods. Simple, Child Process and Advance. Most of time we use only Simple.

3 : This option is for icon. We can set an user defined icon for our loader. Icon must be of 32x32 pixel.

4 : This option is used for wait feature here we can set when our patch will injected into our target.

5 : This button is for generating loader.

6 : These buttons are used for Add, Remove, Edit our patches. Here is one more option file comparing. You can compare the original and your patched file to get modified bytes.

7 : This option is most important option for patching VMProtect, SafeEngine, Enigma and other packers after checking this option loader will wait until it find a window of the target when window find it inject all bytes.

Here I am trying to make Loader for VMProtected target for this I have added old bytes new bytes and patching VA in that dialog box.

All done
Now its time to generate our loader. You can see the picture what i have done. Aftet doing this just press Generate and locate where you want to save your loader.

If you encountered any problem just comment below. I will try me best to answer your questions.

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