Enigma 4.xx to 5.xx Unpacking Manual

So I am sharing a tutorial for unpacking The Enigma Protector v4.10 to v5.x. It is created by SHADOW_UA. There is some step to unpack it. On GSM industry there is many tools that used The Enigma Protector, Eg : Miracle Box, Falcon , GSM Aladdin etc. You we have to learn it to unpack and Destroy GSM :D
1. Finding OEP with Bytes pattern trick. Its too easy as show in Video.

2. For preventing API emulation its use a bytes pattern to prevent API Emulation.

3. Fixing rest of API manually by finding API in Enigma Section.

4. Dumping and fixing by Scylla.

Note : in some cases OEP is Virtualized. In that case you have to Dump VM section and add it to Dumped file with correct RVA.
You can also create a script to fix API quickly as you know it takes lot of time to fix VM'ed API so better create Script. :p

Password for RAR : tuts4you

Any problem with it just leave a comment will help contact you as soon as possible.

Psycho GSM Destroyer.



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  1. Hi sir! after download ENIGMA 4XXTO5XX unpack and try to exctract no exctrat and say unknown format or damaged please help me for this