Enigma Registration Bypasser

Today I was surfing the internet and found a nice tool named Enigma Registration Bypasser. Its very nice to bypass hwid of any Engima Target. But there is some rustication it can't bypass the hwid of target which used encryption. So have try I personally tested it on v2.33 to v4.10 sometimes it won't work but most of time it's works like a charm. :) so have try.

I have attached the download link below.

How to use :
Its so simple to use just run Enigma Bypasser tool then it will open a file select window just select Engima Target and press open after few seconds a MessageBox will appear just press okay and your target will start without any HWID nag :D

Or you can also made a Loader from it but for this you have learn some coding language to code you own loader.

I can help you make a loader to patch hwid just post your detail in comment section. But firstly test this Bypasser if it work then its possible to make loader with it.

I need some feedback about it. Hope you will share your experience about it. :)

Download Now

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  1. You can crack ChimeraTool program??? https://chimeratool.com/downloads

    Or a real LG tool? z3x or Octo?

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  3. can you crack this please? http://www.ezisolution.co.uk/Downloads/Retailman_uk.exe