VMProtect Ultra Unpacker V1.0

Hello. Its a script for unpacking VMProtect. Its written by LCF-AT. It can unpack almost any version of VMProtect. So have a try. The Achieve content four videos watch them then You will understand how the script is Working. Hope its useful. Here is the Feature of this script :

( 1.) Advanced OEP Finder x2 [Intelli Version]
( 2.) AntiDump x4 Redirection & Dumper
( 3.) Auto API Scanner [Value & System]
( 4.) VM API Redirection
( 5.) VM API Re-Redirection to API
( 6.) API Log & Find [Import Table Data]
( 7.) Import Table Calculator
( 8.) Advanced IAT Creator [No Import-Fix necessary]
( 9.) Target File Dumper + PE Rebuilder
( 10.) Advanced Section Calc & Adder
( 11.) Resource AntiDump Code-Patcher
( 12.) Heap AntiDump Patcher
( 13.) TLS Callback Remover
( 14.) Auto Dump PE Rebuilder
( 15.) Exe & DLL Support [NO VMP DLL Box]
( 17.) ASLR TLSC & Reloc Cleaner
( 18.) CPUID & RDTSC Scan [Fix Manually]
Environment : ARImpRec.dll
DLL is used to get:
API Names | Ordinals | Module Owners by Address

Note : It can only unpack exe but can't devirtualize them.
=> if it will ask for password, password is : tuts4you

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Hi, Its me GautamGreat. A Reverser, Programmer and a developer. Developed a lot of programs. Cracking is my hobby I' am student of Class 12th, Who has a mobile phones repairing office. A blogger from heart and a student from mind.

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  1. its so deficult to unpack like in cs tool :(

  2. how to unpack "Ubisoft UBX" + vmprotect

  3. can you share the link for the ollydbg mod that you use in the sample videos, personally i like shadow mod but im having problems with phantom plugin